DATE: 2008/10/10(金)   CATEGORY: Category: None
i suppose there isnt anything particularly interesting on this blog, but it would still be nice if someone would comment. or compliant. or critisize. or something. a blog needs viewers people. come on. seriosly. come on. im bored. um..if anyone could tell me wat i should do to make this blog more interesting for them id'e glady try to do it. HELLO!?!?!?!? anyone out there?
DATE: 2008/10/09(木)   CATEGORY: Category: None
so...i have decided that when i have a kid if its a boy i will name it one of these:

though i must admit Fynn is my favorite so far. and if i have a girl i ill name it:

i only have 2 girl names so far. well, um..0_0. oh! ok ,so i took the enneargram phsycology test thing. its like the myers briggs (INTJ, ENTJ, ENFP, etc.) except more(alot more) detailed and slightly more accurate...-_-.... so if any1 knows wat that is then here are my results:

myers briggs = INTJ
Enneagram = The Investigator..i think thats number 5.

so yeah. woot! *^_^*
DATE: 2008/08/21(木)   CATEGORY: Category: None
adobe photoshop
wow.^^ really? thanks. i didnt think i was thaty good. actually i thought i sucked. how did u know i liked drawing? i dont remember posting it. O.O though i suppose it would probebly be easy to tell since i've posted 2 paint pics so far. -_-
advanced art is actaully one of my electives at school. the other is im one of the drama techie people. i think i suck at 3-D things, like sculptures, but aparently other people find my deformed paper mache dog painted the color of crap good........O.o.........somehow. the misteries of the fairly good at drawing though and thats wat i prefer to do. i usually use a pencil. but watever is allowed in the particular class that im in is wat i use to draw.(which means that sometimes i use a pen.) ^^
DATE: 2008/08/07(木)   CATEGORY: Category: None
paint pic
sky highway
so..this is my second atempt at drawing on paint. how do u like it? its um....i dont a sky highway or something...or a sky sidewalk...this was totally random....if i knew how to do a flash id do one for u guys. but i dont know how..O_o yeah..sorry. coments/complaints/ critcism .. anything accepted.. i just need something.( ̄へ ̄) no one is saying anything..the blog is boring without the viewers! comon people! talk! i know u can...please (ToT) i bored. (;_・)
DATE: 2008/08/07(木)   CATEGORY: Category: None
the current background is only temporary. me and my friend monokrome flavor are making an awesome background to put up, so it make change a few times in the next few weeks. sorry. ^^
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